About AiCanvas


AiCanvas is a tool that allows you to create images and videos using AI technology. Then you can modify them with tools on the AiCanvas platform, such as adding text, graphics, and animations. Finally you can export to images and videos. AiCanvas is a paid product because of the huge demand for AI computing power. You can try it out, but eventually you will need to pay to continue using it.

AI Features

  1. Painting as what you say.
  2. In/Out painting from where you chosen.
  3. Erase objects by AI from image.
  4. Erase background by AI.
  5. Scale image by AI.

Handwork Features

  1. Insert animations.
  2. Insert shapes.
  3. Upload videos.
  4. Upload images.
  5. Insert text.
  6. Free draw mode.
  7. Export video.
  8. Export gif.
  9. Export image.
  10. More to be explored by you.

Future roadmap

AI is developing very rapidly, and we will gradually enhance our products to combine more AI capabilities to provide better products.

  1. Use chatGPT to generate text contents.
  2. More image AI generator.
  3. Upgrade to a better editor.

Contact us

If you have any problem about out product, please feel free to contact us by email to [email protected].

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